"Integration should not be a one-way road, but a Bridge between nations and cultures"
"We Bridge the Gap between the German and Immigrants"
"Participate in one of different Workshops of KulturAtelier l"

"Culture and cultural activities are Global and for Al"

Culture and cultural activities play an important role in establishing the main pillar of any society. As a bridge between nations, culture and cultural activities bring people close together by focusing on their interests rather than on their differences.

Our Vision

We provide cultural workshops for All People to fill the gap between Germans and immigrants.



Film Editing
Mixed Media
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Daf Music

Present workshops for everyone by following hygiene rules

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Book your place free of charge

We will cover the cost of the material for every workshop you want to attend

Become familiar with different cultures“

Learn something new and have some fun

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Zeit für neue Perspektiven

„Integration sollte keine Einbahnstraße sein, sondern eine Brücke“


„KulturAtelier überbrückt die Kluft zwischen die Deutsche und Flüchtlingen“